Mark Gungor

"Mark Gungor and his two co-hosts take your emails and news articles, and then provide unfiltered advice on marriage, dating, and life in general. And I really do mean unfiltered. It isn't a weepy tear-filled relationship show. Nor is it a misogynistic "make me a sammich" rant. It is a madman with a microphone sharing what he thinks and even when I disagree with him, I understand his point. If you're brave enough, then email your questions to and whether or not you are a Christian, be prepared to laugh...”

Michael P.


The MARK GUNGOR SHOW is not your granny's typical religious broadcast.

Produced daily, (MON-FRI) THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW is where Mark answers people's emails about marriage, dating, etc. The program is basically this: listeners send their emails about relationships and remain totally anonymous while in return he and his co-hosts answer in a way that is BRUTALLY honest.

For example: "Dear Pastor Mark, I am the worship leader at our church and I masturbate every night while looking at porn. Do you think that is OK?"

While many programs would strive to be empathetic and offer prayer and other rescues, Gungor's response would more likely be: "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR EVER LOVING MIND??!! WHO LOOKS AT PORN ON SATURDAY NIGHT AND THEN LEADS WORSHIP ON SUNDAY MORNING??!!" He would then rebuke them and challenge them to start doing the right thing ­offering as much advice as possible along the way. But make no mistake: this is no warm and fuzzy show.

ALL participants are aware of the potentially brutal responses (which is pretty clear by just listening to the show in the first place - and we double check with them before taking on their questions, warning them that we can be a bit harsh in our response). Amazingly, we receive more emails than we can possibly answer. It appears that people are hungry for 1) someone who will address tough issues and 2) for strait talk and brutal honesty.

However, some sensitive listeners/viewers won't get it, won't understand it, or appreciate the humor we use, and will be mortified by the tough responses. If you air the show, be prepared for some calls.


It is an hour show with a:
  • 3 minute SOFT break at 10 mins
  • 3 minute SOFT break at 20 mins
  • 1 1/2 minute HARD break at 28:30
  • 3 minute SOFT break at 40 mins
  • 3 minute SOFT break at 50 mins
  • And a HARD close at 58:30 leaving a final 1 1/2 minutes before the top of the hour.

Or, if you don't take the breaks, the program runs 45 mins.

You can do whatever you like with the breaks if you take them: station promos, ads, whatever. Your station may keep 100% of any ad revenues from the breaks. ­ You need not share any revenues with us.


Many of the emails we receive have to do with porn, sex, masturbation, etc. So the program comes with a WARNING at the beginning and 30 min mark: THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT INTENDED FOR AN ADULT AUDIENCE.

Some stations run the program in late hours to accommodate the adult content. Some also find it helpful to run the program late as the people who would most likely be offended are in bed.


The music heard on THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW has been cleared by the artists for use on this program and no further reporting or royalties are required.


THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW is available in an audio format for RADIO BROADCAST or in video for TELEVISION BROADCAST, available in either STANDARD DEF or HIGH DEFINITION. Program samples can be found at or on iTunes.


If you would like access to this content, simply contact us at We will provide a user name and password.