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1054 Dec 12, 2012audio/mpeg
Are women more forgiving than men? What role does God play in finding a spouse? Should I tell my husband about the affair I had even if it is many years in the past?
1053 Dec 12, 2012audio/mpeg
How often does snuggling lead to sex? How can you get over past trust issues to make a relationship work? What can you do to make sure your marriage lasts a lifetime? Are there ways to increase the passion in your marriage?
1052 Dec 3, 2012audio/mpeg
Day 3 with Mrs. Gungor joining the team! Topics: Is Facebook better than sex for some people? A listener takes Mark to task on his "unbiblical" advice! Should I marry a guy who is not in a good place financially?
1051 Dec 3, 2012audio/mpeg
DEBBIE GUNGOR sits in to co-host the show again today! Topics include: How many men join online dating services just to hook-up for sex? How should I advise my wife who wants to read The Fifty Shades of Grey?
1050 Dec 3, 2012audio/mpeg
MRS. GUNGOR joins Mark on today's show! Topics include: Does housework drive couples to divorce? Can we be married in the "eyes of God" without actually having a wedding? How do we keep the romance alive while my spouse is deployed?
1049 Dec 3, 2012audio/mpeg
What are the fantasies of step-family life? How do I deal with a husband who is not romantic and doesn't listen to me? Should abstinence education or safe sex be taught in schools? How do I know if my boyfriend is "the one" for me?
1048 Dec 3, 2012audio/mpeg
Today is the RESPECT SHOW! Wives, tune in and find out 25 ways to communicate respect to your husband!
1047 Dec 3, 2012audio/mpeg
Hindus, Muslims, Christians, or Jews...who is the least likely to engage in premarital sex? Are accountability partners a good idea or even necessary? Should I divulge my husband's affair to my children in order to explain our divorce?
1046 Dec 3, 2012audio/mpeg
What are eight things a husband CANNOT do? How do you keep things from getting stale and boring with your spouse in a Godly way? What is the best way to talk to my "tweenage" daughter about boys and dating?
1045 Dec 3, 2012audio/mpeg
Are there warning signs to look for when you are dating? How can I get my wife to adhere to am appropriate dress code? Should we cut off all ties with my brother-in-law just because my sister divorced him?
1044 Dec 3, 2012audio/mpeg
Join Mark and crew for a NEW episode of The Mark Gungor Show! Topics today: How is the "guyological clock" changing the dating game? What can a couple do when they have "outgrown" each other? What is an appropriate age for children to stop breastfeeding?
1043 Dec 3, 2012audio/mpeg
What are the top ten reasons for divorce? Is it truly a green light for sex if my wife says "yes", but isn't really interested in it? What is Mark's opinion on private Christian vs. public schools?
1042 Nov 27, 2012audio/mpeg
Can your marriage survive an affair? Is it rushing the relationship to expect an engagement after a year and a half? Where is the line on what pictures are appropriate for worship leaders to post on Facebook?
1041 Nov 27, 2012audio/mpeg
What kinds of things do couples ask for in prenuptial agreements? Is it okay to sleep in the same bed with my fiance if we don't intend to have sex? Can senior citizens marry with only a religious ceremony and not make it legal with the government?
1040 Nov 27, 2012audio/mpeg
Would you bring your friends and family on your honeymoon? Should I use parental controls on the computer to block my husband from looking at porn? Can kids cause a divorce?
1039 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
How often do most churchgoers read their bible? Should widowed people with children wait for the kids to be grown before they remarry? How do I break the mentality that my former sexual exploits created? Should my husband have my Facebook password?
1038 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
How can I fix my sexless marriage? What can I say to my friend who thinks she is bisexual? Do I have to be married in order to help teach married people?
1037 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
Special guest, Carolyn Evans, joins the show again today. Topics: What is the “perfect” number of sex partners to have? How can I best help my wayward younger brother? Do we have to help all of the “least of these” that we see on the street corners?
1036 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
Special guest, Carolyn Evans, joins the show today! Topics: What is the greatest threat to marriage in the U.S.? Where can I meet available women? How do I know a guy is a real Christian and not just acting like one?
1035 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
Is it acceptable to snoop on your mate’s texts if you think he or she is cheating? Would polygamy ever be acceptable again? Is crude talk acceptable in marital sex?
1034 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
The “pros and cons” of one night stands, the so-called “war on women”, marrying without the approval of your parents and husbands who don’t worry about sexually satisfying their wives.
1033 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
Mark talks about the concept of sowing and reaping and how so many Christians don’t understand that what you DO impacts what you GET out of life. Then he tackles an email from a married couple that has never learned to say no to their sex drives.
1032 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
Why do women marry the wrong men? Should I date a guy who has been sexually abused? How can I deal with my husband and his prescription drug abuse?
1031 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
Today’s topics: Real-life sleeping beauties who are looking for a prince, surviving your wife’s menopausal symptoms, and competing with the women in porn to keep your husband interested in sex.
1030 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
Mark and crew go over a couple reviews of the show that they’ve received and he also weighs in on the new movie “Hope Springs”.
1029 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
Why do so many women opt to date and marry virtual strangers rather than guys they’ve grown up with and know? How can I get my husband to be more interested in sex? Should we go ahead and marry even if our folks say we are too young?
1028 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
How can scheduling sex improve your marriage? What is the appropriate age for your kids to start dating? Should I dump him or wait for my boyfriend to get a handle on his alcohol problem so he can commit to me?
1027 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
What are the worst first dates a guy can take a woman on? Should we put our 6-year-old son on medication for attention problems? How can you make your wife feel good about her appearance?
1026 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
Why do people think the way to a happy marriage is to have an illicit affair? How can you tell the difference between a guys normal sexual needs and things he wants that are lustful?
1025 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
How is the 50 Shades of Gray book impacting men in the bedroom? How is your opinion on “sex furniture”? What do I do when my wife shuts me down sexually?
1024 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
Should a married man be going golfing with another woman while his pregnant wife is at home? How can I get my dad’s okay to go ahead and start dating?My husband went to a strip club and I don’t know how to handle it. Do soul mates exist?
1023 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
Should I attend my dad’s wedding after he divorced my mom and picked up with another woman? My wife says she isn’t attracted to me sexually so how can we fix this? How do I talk to my seven year old about masturbation?
1022 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
Topics today: My wife and I have done so much wrong in our relationship so how can we restore our marriage? Should I send nude pictures of myself overseas to my husband so he doesn’t turn to porn?
1021 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
Why are more kids living longer at home with their parents? Should women wait for a man’s attention, the way men have to wait for her to be ready for sex? Am I being a control freak because I’m trying to get my husband to do some things for me?
1020 Nov 12, 2012audio/mp3
How can men overcome the hold that porn and masturbation have on them? Should we wait until we are financially prepared to have a baby? Mark and crew weigh in on a stupid argument over “hiding the basement” from the kids!
1019 Oct 23, 2012audio/mpeg
Are arranged marriages different from traditional ones? As a stay-at-home mom is it wrong for me to want to do things outside the home? What should we do about our 24 year old daughter’s boyfriend who isn’t a Christian?
1018 Oct 23, 2012audio/mpeg
Topics today: Is the answer to a man’s lust problem “anti-ogle goggles”? Why does sex make women stupid when outside the boundaries of marriage? How do I deal with my sex drive as an older, single woman?
1017 Oct 23, 2012audio/mpeg
Would you marry a guy who ditched you and your kids in a crisis? How can I get my wife to be the sexual initiator? Can my fiance’s attraction to men be overcome? What does the bible say about divorce and remarriage?
1016 Oct 23, 2012audio/mpeg
Topics today: How many teens are involved in “sexting”? Should 13 year olds be allowed to date? How can I explain to my husband that I don’t want to be his “porn star”?
1015 Oct 23, 2012audio/mpeg
Topics today: Why are fathers often wary of their new sons-in-law? Should I stick it out with my boyfriend despite his sexual addictions? How can I get a guy to take notice of me?
1014 Oct 23, 2012audio/mpeg
What advice do you have for widowers and starting new relationships? Should I try to reconcile with my husband for the sake of our grandchildren? Can I masturbate if my wife isn’t in the mood for sex?
1013 Oct 23, 2012audio/mpeg
The myth of “soul mates” and God as a divine matchmaker, getting over a husband’s infidelity, what to do when a spouse threatens divorce, and the importance of knowing the boyfriend is free from porn and masturbation before you marry him.
1012 Oct 23, 2012audio/mpeg
What things should a girl hold out for in dating? How can we maintain purity in our dating relationship? Can young couples get by in without having a credit card? How do I deal with a husband who refuses to have sex with me?
1011 Oct 23, 2012audio/mpeg
How do movies influence kids’ sexual behavior? How do I learn to trust my boyfriend around his close female friends? How do I handle my husband using our credit card behind my back?
1010 Oct 23, 2012audio/mpeg
Divorce is never good for children, my husband was unfaithful but I want to make our marriage work, a couple who wants to wait another year for the wedding just to have more time to plan, and a husband says he’s too tired for sex.
1009 Sep 24, 2012audio/mp3
Is your mother-in-law a “Godsend”? Am I wasting my time and talent by being a stay-at-home mom instead of getting a job that uses my college degree? How can I break free of my masturbation addiction?
1008 Sep 21, 2012audio/mp3
How porn and video games are impacting whole generations of boys and men, the effect fatherless children have on society, and why people think sex is used as a tool of manipulation.
1007 Sep 21, 2012audio/mp3
Are we raising a generation of helpless kids? Should our marriage issues be “just our business” or is it important to talk to other people? How should I deal with my wife who doesn’t want to have sex with me?
1006 Sep 21, 2012audio/mp3
Do half of all marriages really end in divorce? How do I know if I’m being too picky when looking for a guy?
1005 Sep 21, 2012audio/mp3
Would I be settling for less and would it impact our relationship if I marry a man who already has a child? How can a divorced Christian find another good Christian to remarry? Is it okay to play poker in moderation with the guys?
1004 Sep 21, 2012audio/mp3
1003 Sep 21, 2012audio/mp3
What are the top 7 sex drive killers? When is it okay for a husband to spend time with another woman? How can I get free from my gay pornography addiction in order to be married and have kids with a woman?
1002 Sep 21, 2012audio/mp3
A husband wants to know if women really don’t want to have sex the same way men do, a woman wonders if in vitro fertilization is a valid option for single women, and a couple needs help connecting due to working opposite shifts.
1001 Sep 21, 2012audio/mp3
Are you and your spouse engaging in negative behavior patterns that can lead to divorce? Should a church marry a couple that lived together and then became pregnant? How do we deal with the problems from my husband’s job lay off?
1000 Sep 21, 2012audio/mp3
How do I get past my husband’s infidelity? How do I respond to a husband who won’t do anything for me to celebrate Mother’s Day? Must I reveal my past molestation and sexual addiction to the man I am going to marry?